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The Freedom Series Subscription is back!

Freedom must be diligently fought for if it is to be preserved. Every nation and generation needs people who are willing to take a stand for freedom. Are you one of those brave leaders who will stand up and answer the call? If you are a freedom-loving citizen who wants to gain an even greater understanding of the significance and power of freedom, stay informed about the issues that affect your freedom, and find out more about what you can do to reverse any decline and lead the world toward greater liberty, the LIFE Leadership 12-month Freedom Series Subscription is just what you need

Some things you will learn about in this series:
• The Five Laws of Decline
• The history of freedom
• Current events related to freedom
• What you can do to help preserve freedom today

For only $10 per month for 12 months, subscribers will receive a monthly audio of an inspiring, information-packed talk from some of the best Freedom talks to date. Many of these audios are repeats from our first Freedom Series. Make freedom a priority and subscribe today! Don’t miss your chance to make a difference!

Month 1 – “The History of Freedom”

Month 2 – “Historical Outcomes Always Change When Leaders Do”

Month 3 – “LeaderShift & the Power Pendulum”

Month 4 – “Freedom's Best Chance”

Month 5 – “Patrick Henry: Freedom Patriot”

Month 6 – “Three Bubbles”

Month 7 – “Andrew Jackson: Courage and Conviction”

Month 8 – “Private Enterprise Wins”

Month 9 – “Anglosphere Liberty”

Month 10 – “Liberty Is Simple, It's Tyranny That's Complicated”

Month 11 – “Why the American Constitution Failed: A Five Laws of Decline Analysis”

Month 12 – “Anglo-Saxon Culture”

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